What is Hokkien?

What is Hokkien?

Hokkien is a group of dialects of Min Nan Chinese, similar to Amoy and Taiwanese.
It is spoken in southern Fujian, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and by many overseas Chinese throughout Southeast Asia. 
It belongs to ancient Han language and Min language.
It is originated from the same dialect in southern Fujian and is mutually intelligible with the Hokkien in Taiwan.

What other names of Hokkien language?

Hokkien is not a term used in mainland China.
Instead, it is known as Minnanhua (閩南語) or Southern Min, and some would say it as Fulaohua(福佬話). Also, it is named Quanzhou–Zhangzhou as it comes from the two main Hokkien city centers – Quanzhou(泉州) and Zhangzhou (漳州). 
In Taiwan, the dialect is called Taiwanese(台語).

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