The most famous Hokkien song!

Ah Fat does not remember many Hokkien words. When asked how he picked up Hokkien words, he said he sometimes listened to Hokkien songs, which his uncle enjoyed at home. Ah Fat found Hokkien songs encouraging and sometimes reflects social issues. Now, let's have a taste of it!

One of the most famous Hokkien songs is 愛拼才會嬴(Strive to Thrive)

The original version

By a Hong Kong singer, Eason Chan

By a westerner, 紅老外 (he did a nice job!)

Hokkien lyrics(Source)

一時失志毋免怨嘆 一時落魄毋免膽寒
那通失去希望 每日醉茫茫 無魂有體親像稻草人
人生可比是海上的波浪 有時起 有時落
好運 歹運 總嘛要照起工來行
三分天註定 七分靠打拚 愛拚才會贏
Mandarian translation(Source)

English translation

Never complain about failures, or be discouraged by adversity
How can you lose your faith and be drunk all day, as if an absent-minded strawman?
Life is like wave in the sea, sometimes it is up, and sometimes it is down
No matter you are getting good luck or bad luck, you have to follow the rules
Success is thirty percent destiny and seventy percent diligence
Strive to thrive!


  1. A man can get discouraged many times but he is not a failure until he begins to blame somebody else and stops trying. See the link below for more info.