Taiwan Pop songs in Hokkien!

Hokkien has always been considered as a language of the hillbillies. Proficient speakers of Hokkien are usually aborigines or come from Southern Taiwan where is normally seen as less developed region than Northern Taiwan. In recent decades, Hokkien has gradually transformed to be a family language, younger generation's proficiency in Hokkien declined. Mandarin speakers with traces of Hokkien accent were thought to have low education level. However, in recent years, it becomes fashionable to incorporate Hokkien lyrics with pop music. Some of the very popular groups and singers not only sing, but also rap in Hokkien.

Here presents some of our picks!

蘇打綠 - 無眠 (Soda Green - No Sleep) - A Hokkien love song

S.H.E. - 我愛雨夜花 - S.H.E. raps in Hokkien

Pop culture is often effective in promotion of minority languages and dialects. It is especially useful in promoting the languages among younger generation. As Hong Kong youngster pay quite a lot attention to Taiwan pop culture, these pop Hokkien songs help increase the popularity of Hokkien in Hong Kong community. Teenagers actually learn the songs in order to sing them in karaoke!