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Hello everyone! 

We are Mandy Lo, Vicky Yuen and Yuffie Yu who major in Language and Communication in the University of Hong Kong. Inspired by UNESCO’s International Mother Language Day, we are conducting a research on the Hokkien community in Hong Kong for the course LCOM3001 Cultural dimensions of language and communication.

Here’s a brief history of Hong Kong Hokkiens. Due to political instability in China during 1930s and 1940s, a lot of Chinese immigrants came from the mainland to Hong Kong. Among them were the Hokkiens. Time flies and their grandchildren have been mostly born and raised in Hong Kong. Apparently, the community has been assimilated into the Cantonese-speaking Hong Kong family. How do they identify themselves? Do they still speak Hokkien? Interviewing one Hokkien family and few Hokkien post-80s, we are going to investigate into the language maintenance, shift and attitude of Hokkien in Hong Kong across three generations.

We hope you all enjoy it!

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