"Little Fujian" in Hong Kong

Chung Yeung Street in North Point

North Point was once the “Little Shanghai” in Hong Kong, but it was called “Little Fujian” when the Hokkien-Indonesian sugar trader “Kwok Chun-yeung” invested in North Point to carry out reclamation projects and built many residential buildings in the area. Driven by the success of the previous generation in South-east Asia region, many Hokkiens moved to Hong Kong to pursue a better living. Eventually they gathered around Chun Yeung Street in North Point, which named after the Hokkien pioneer trader.

Chun Yeung Street is a famous wet market in Hong Kong for its attractive price and the freshness of its goods. At Chun Yeung Street, stall owners actually bargain with their customers in Hokkien, and amongst the stall owners, they also communicate in Hokkien. Being able to speak Hokkien seems to be a requirement for stall owners. There are stalls and restaurant selling traditional Hokkien cuisines and ingredients that are not easily seen in other markets in Hong Kong.


  1. Hey I am a fujianese 3rd generation in HK. im 17. i speak fujianese with my mama and dad, relatives, fujianese people in my place. i come from jinjiang like 300000 of HK people do..

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